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Language is so much more than just words and grammar. Language is the bearer of history and culture. Language has the power to persuade, to motivate, to evoke emotion and to build relationships.

That is why English Language Consulting focuses on real communication skills and strategies rather than vocabulary lists and textbooks. The aim is to help you truly say what you want to say, to communicate your ideas and thoughts in a way which will allow you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Competence in the English language is an essential skill in today’s global business community. Being able to present yourself, your company and your ideas in a highly professional manner will significantly affect the way your balance sheet appears at the end of the financial year as well as your personal career path.

Abraham Maslow, the American pyschologist, famously said "It is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail". This is true for language, if we do not have the right tools, we simply use the ones we do have and hope for the best. ELC will help you expand your "language toolkit" so that you can use language that suits the situations you encounter in your professional and private life.